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The caption BORN FOR OTHERS is the focal point. It counsels us to die to ourselves – our ego, selfishness and greed for possessions, in order to be life-giving to others.

It is only in giving that we can make our lives meaningful. This message recurs in the portrayal of Divine Child with arms outstretched enveloping all mankind and bestowing his unconditional love in abundance.

The trees and flowers to give their beauty, nourishment to one and all withholding nothing for self.

The magnificent sun joins in bringing its light and warmth which sustains life in nature and mankind. It gives life and energy impartially and generously. The sun also depicts the warmth of love which should be ever present in us.

The act of giving is echoed in each of the illustrations. Giving of oneself without counting the cost, without expecting any returns. May we too in turn, by examples set before us, strive to give of ourselves selflessly to others.

Our school follows the Maharashtra State Board Curriculum and we are constantly innovating to ensure that we deliver this curriculum as well as encourage extra-curricular activities.

Latest News and Updates

Canteen Day – July

The delicious whiff of the mouth-watering veg. hotdogs, tempted the palate of the students... it was on the menu for the Canteen Day on 28th July. Std. VIII along with the secondary teachers prepared this appealing nutritious nourishment which sold out like hot cakes!...

Vanamahotsav Day

A much looked forward to occasion by the Divine Child Family, is the Vanamahotsav Day… a green day that we hold close to our hearts. Our school premises speak of our intimacy with nature… the lush green surroundings that encamps our vicinity brings freshness in mind...


The Divine Educational Institution flagged off the celebration events earmarking the Diamond Jubilee Year of its existence, with a Blood Donation Drive in the school premises on 8th July 2017 from 8.00am to 12.30pm... a best and unique expression that every human...

Field Trip to Kidzania on 21st & 22nd Sept 2017

The School field trip for Std. 2nd to the 7th has been planned for the month of September to Kidzania at R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. The dates scheduled as per class, are as follows - 21st Sept - Std. 2nd to 4th 22nd Sept - Std. 5th to 7th

Independence Day Celebrations

The Divine Family proudly celebrated our 71st Independence Day in the school campus, with the flag hoisting at 8.00am. The Chief Guests for the occasion were Mr. Dhanesh Shetty & Mrs. Anusuya Shetty, the parents of our SSC topper for 2016-2017 academic year. Words...

Proud to be Indian!! Congratulations on our 71st!!

Today at Divine Child High School, on the eve of our nation's 71st Independence Day, it is an opportunity to reminisce on the freedom struggles of our ancestors and to experience deep gratitude for their selfless service and sacrifices. It is also a time to be...