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The caption BORN FOR OTHERS is the focal point. It counsels us to die to ourselves – our ego, selfishness and greed for possessions, in order to be life-giving to others.

It is only in giving that we can make our lives meaningful. This message recurs in the portrayal of Divine Child with arms outstretched enveloping all mankind and bestowing his unconditional love in abundance.

The trees and flowers to give their beauty, nourishment to one and all withholding nothing for self.

The magnificent sun joins in bringing its light and warmth which sustains life in nature and mankind. It gives life and energy impartially and generously. The sun also depicts the warmth of love which should be ever present in us.

The act of giving is echoed in each of the illustrations. Giving of oneself without counting the cost, without expecting any returns. May we too in turn, by examples set before us, strive to give of ourselves selflessly to others.

Our school follows the Maharashtra State Board Curriculum and we are constantly innovating to ensure that we deliver this curriculum as well as encourage extra-curricular activities.

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Latest News and Updates

Canteen Day July 2016

On the occasion of the feast of St. Maria Goretti (Green House Feast), a canteen day was held in the school where the children enjoyed chole- pav to satisfy their rumbling tummies.                                            The teachers and prefects helped in...

Vanamahotsav Day 2016

The very meaning of ‘Vanamahotsav’ is a festival of the forest… or put in a better way, a celebration of trees – a beautiful and essential part of nature. Friday 1st July 2016 was ‘Vanamahotsav Day’ at Divine Child High School where the students celebrated this gift...

International Yoga Day

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that disciplines the human mind and body and is a holistic approach to good health and wellbeing. On the morning of 21st June 2016, the students and teachers of Divine Child High School were prepared for a physically...

Staff Orientation

On Saturday 18th June, the staff of Divine Child Family had an Orientation session conducted by a Jesuit priest  Fr. Ternan Monteiro s.j., presently placed at Manmaad. His session was primarily on ‘Teacher-Student Relationship’ focussing on its challenges; the...

Back To School

Dear students Welcome back!! We hope that after a relaxing and restful summer, you feel refueled and energized to start afresh on a clean slate. Your teachers are here to journey with you and empower you along the way to excel and shine. It’s time for some great...

SSC Students – FYJC Booklets available now

FYJC online process booklets are available in the school office from 9am to 12pm. All Std. 10 (2015-16) students are requested to purchase a booklet for Rs.150 from the school office at the earliest.