Principal’s Desk

Dear all,sr-principal

Can you ever imagine that every Day God thinks of us.

Every Hour God looks after us.

Every Minute God cares for us.

Every Nanosecond God loves us and so if God is with us, we have every blessing we need in life.

Our school completes its 60 glorious years of service in imparting education and transforming lives. It is with deep gratitude and immense pleasure that I thank our Almighty God – Divine Child, for His boundless blessings and mercies on everyone connected to this institution.

Many individuals (Teaching – non teaching Staff; Parents, Well-wishers and Students) in the past and present have rendered their selfless, loving and generous service in upholding, nurturing and promoting eternal values and passing on the ethos and spirit of the institution on to our students. We humbly acknowledge and emulate their absolute passion, undying commitment, undoubted loyalty; their humble and noble spirit. They have truly succeeded in shaping and moulding young minds and hearts.

Gautam Buddha…….said;

In the end of our lives journey three things matter-

How much we loved.

How gently we lived and

How gracefully we let go things not meant for us.

Thank You! God Bless! Stay blessed! Stay graceful!

Sr. Lawrencea psol