The Divine Child Junior College Fest 2015 celebrated from Wed 28th Oct to Sat 31st Oct created an atmosphere of stimulation crossing over boundaries from childhood to adolescence.

Back Drop


“Twinkle, twinkle little star,

How I wonder what you are….


The reverberating memories of childhood came kicking alive on the first day of the Jr. College Fest – D’Galaxia. The scenario breathed energetic thrills as all youth students were transported back to their carefree childhood days, with looks and treats to match; the attire – ponytails, bags, colourful windmills and lollipops!!! The entire atmosphere echoed the voice of the heart…truly an amazing flashback in time!



The first day began with prayer and lighting of the samai by Vice-Principal Sr. Olivia and the judges, invoking the presence of God. The Guest of Honour Sr. Fiona, Principal of the CBSE Section inaugurated the day with the cutting of the ribbon. The contests – singing (solo & group); cooking; talent show were conducted with zeal and enthusiasm.

Lightning of lamp

Solo singing

Group singing




The thematic days to follow raised a lot of excitement and anticipation. The Mix & Match Day had an array of solo and group dance exhibits – classical & western which was tastefully performed by the students. Skits to follow, tackled issues rampant in society today – ‘Women Empowerment’ & ‘Corruption’ with a take-away message of ethics clipped on them.

Solo Dance

Group dance



The Traditional Day saw fashion shows displaying a range of garments – Indian & Western, to the delight of all gathered. Memorable moments were captured on mobile phone and cameras. A closing declaration by the Vice-Principal, brought to an end, the D’Galaxia programme.



A prelude to the actual show was held with a selection of competitions – Rangoli, Nail Art, Poster Making, Best out of Waste, Pot Painting, Article-Writing, Lan Game, Mehendi,Hair style etc.


All in all, days absolutely well spent…