Principal’s Desk

Dear All

The study of space and galaxies has gripped modern civilization. Through the popularization of scientific data, people who gazed at God’s heaven of sky and stars with their natural eyes, visualize with the eyes of science. They are greatly inspired by the beauty of the infinite galaxies and the complexities in God’s awesome creation. But we have forgotten to look at ourselves and to look deep into our being, in order to discover our true worth and the uniqueness of our being. It is from here that our personality springs.

The personality of every child develops before one’s eyes with each passing day, each moment of life. Children can’t select what is best for them from their experiences. Each event in a child’s life becomes part of his or her life. A child’s personality grows from within. The adults around children influence this growth, they direct it within limits, they stimulate it, but grow it will! We must remember that a child is a child and not a robot.

It will be a value to remember that a healthy personality springs from a healthy attitude towards self, others, God and towards the responsibility of life. A person is certainly not born with it nor can we create it within ourselves, but we as children acquire it from outside. Everyone must learn it and we learn this from our parents and elders. Children acquire this attitude about themselves from the attitude their parents have about them.

Children learn this attitude of self-respect from their parents if they respect them. Everyone is unique and special. We cannot take from each other’s distinctiveness or uniqueness. And above all we cannot rob our children of their individuality. We must tell ourselves and our children that we need to remain an individual; a compassionate; simple human being no matter what peaks of prestige or position of authority one may ascend to, no matter how great and famous one may become.

Hence, we adults have a sacred duty of leading our children towards wholesome and happy life. We are able to achieve our common goal only if we strip ourselves of our selfish attitudes and unwanted prejudices and clothe ourselves with garments of peace, love, generosity and forgiveness. These are the best gifts we can give our children. Hence let us walk this journey together with deep faith in God, with greater hope and enthusiasm.

Sr. Lawrencea psol