Student Qualities

Every student of Divine Child High School during her school life should strive to be a person of depth and character by achieving the following qualities.

Personal Qualities

– Respect for self and others.

– Learn to give without counting the cost.

– Strive for academic excellence according to her God-given gifts and talents.

– Grow in wisdom and strength.

– Learn to accept love and forgiveness and offer the same to others.

– Take pride in being a girl child.

– Aim at becoming a fitting member of society, nation and world.

– Be simple, humble and loving.

– Never despise and disown the poor, down trodden and marginalised.

– Practice self-discipline and work wholeheartedly.

– Develop critical thinking.

– Persevere in times of trials and difficulties and never give up.

Spiritual qualities

– Love and trust God with her whole being welcome Him in her life and thereby enjoy heavenly bliss.

– Discover meaning in life, through prayer, reflection and interiority.

– Encounter God of all goodness and love.

– Know her own faith and live in the light of this faith.

– Seek God in every life situation and make him the goal of her life.

– Practice humility which is a virtue of the strong.

– Attribute to God all her achievements, and constantly seek His help and guidance.

Social qualities

 Learn to respect life. Be aware of her own dignity and those of others irrespective of caste, creed and social Status.

– Work for communal harmony and national integration.

– Respect her individual rights as well as those of others.

– Be convinced of the meaning of collaboration and reconciliation to build a happy home and society.

– Say “No” to anti-social elements and activities.

– Reject violence, exploitation, selfishness and revenge.

– Work for the upliftment of the poor and marginalised.

– Know and appreciate her culture and those of others.

– Develop a sense of civic and social responsibilities.

– Possess political consciousness, leading her to make a free, valid and responsible political option.

– Be sensitive to the needs of others.

– Use wealth as a means, not an end.

– Live by values so as to promote a just and true society. For catholic students

For catholic students

– Make God your priority and the other things will follow.

– Develop personal love for Christ and His Mother – Mary.

– Be committed of CHRIST and His Church.

– Live by truth and honesty at all times.

– Imitate Mary, the model of humility, sensitivity, availability, and selfless joyful service.

– Be a person of Prayer, experience Christ, human and Divine.