The Junior college offers courses in commerces and science in line with the Maharashtra State Board curriculum. The choice of subjects and options is given below:

Subjects to be offered at F.Y.J.C. SCIENCE :
2:Hindi OR French OR I.T.
6:Mathematics & Statistics
7:Environmental Education

Subjects to be offered at F.Y.J.C. COMMERCE:
2:Hindi OR French OR I.T.
3:Mathematics & Statistics OR Secretarial Practice
4:Organization of Commerce
6:Book – Keeping & Accountancy
7:Environment Education

Note :-
* a) Mathematics & Statistics will be offered only purely on merit. Those who are not selected for
Mathematics & Statistics will have to take Secretarial Practice.
b) French will be offered purely on merit. Those who are not selected for French will have to take
Hindi.(No tutor will be provided by the school for subject French).
c) Information Technology against second language (Hindi / French) will be offered purely on merit.
Those who are not selected for Information Technology will have to take a second purely language
Hindi / French.

General :-
Divine Child Junior College is run by The Society of the Poor Sisters of Our Lady with Minority Rights, affiliated to the Archdiocese Board of Education, Mumbai.

This college attaches great importance to DISCIPLINE and the same must be observed by all the students.

Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations / requirements notified from time to time will lead to strict disciplinary action.

Conduct of students in the classes as well as the premises of the college shall be such as it will cause no disturbance to the fellow students or to other classes.

Students are expected to take proper care of the college property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Causing damage to the property of the college eg. defacing walls, doors, damaging fittings, breaking furniture etc., or mishandling furniture equipments is a breach of discipline for which severe penalty or fine will be imposed.

Matters not covered by the existing rules will be dealt at the discretion of the principal. Students and their responsibility :-

Students are responsible to the Principal, Vice Principal, Supervisor and the Staff for their conduct in public.

Students must attach only their latest colour photograph on the Application form, Library card and Identity card.

Students must always have with them their Identity Card / Calendar issued to them by the college with their photographs affixed on the same and bearing the signature of the Principal. This Identity Card should be displayed on the person in the college premises at all times. Without the Identity Card the watchman will not allow the students to enter the College gate.

Use of ground, out of college hours must be with the explicit permission of the Principal.

Pagers, Mobiles, or any other electronic communication gadgets or any other musical instruments are strictly prohibited in the college building. Strict action will be taken if a student violates this rules.

Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will in any way interface with its orderly administration and discipline.

Students must be polite and courteous in speech and manner. Any reported-or observed objectionable conduct within or outside the college on the part of the student would make him / her liable for disciplinary action.

Use of any type of drug / smoking in the college premises in strictly prohibited. Chewing pan and gutkha is forbidden.
Study :-

Students must be in their class on time. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the class.

Attendance at prayers before class is compulsory.

Students must attend all classes, tutorials and particles according to the timetable. Absence at any of the classes without permission of the Principal will be considered as absence for the whole day.

Periodicals and tests are conducted at regular intervals. Students should show good progress in the same.

Students must be regular and punctual for classes, in tutorials and in submission of journals. Students amy not be sent for examination for lack of satisfactory progress, irregularity, conduct and attendance. Students must have atleast 75% of attendance individually in each subject for lectures and practicals in each term. Students who do not fulfill 75% attendance will not be promoted to the next class / not be allowed to appear for the college / board examination.

Students are expected to avail themselves of the facilities provided to them by the Value Education Programme which seeks to enrich their lives as good citizens of India. It is compulsory for all the students, to attend the seminars / group discussions, orientation programmes etc. organized by the college

College Timings :
11.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
11.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Saturday)
Holidays on Sundays and Public Holidays declared by the Government.

Uniform :-
1) Uniform is a must in the college premises no other form of dress is permitted. He / she must observe cleanliness in uniform and person.
2) Ones a month, special days will be celebrated which will allow the student to wear specified coloured clothes. (such as black & white, blue traditional etc.) Dress code for such days :- Should be modestly dressed (sleeveless, tights, shorts etc., are not allowed)
3) Students are not permitted to wear rings, kadas, nose, lip / ear-rings or any other fashionable items of decoration. Stickers tattoos and mehendi / hair colouring is not permitted.
4) Cleanliness : (Cleanliness is next to Godliness)

Everyday activities :
(a) Always wear clean clothes. Avoid wearing the clothes worn the previous without washing.
(b) Clean under garments are a must.
(c) Do not litter the class room and college compound.
(d) India being a Tropical country sweating cannot be avoided. But one can avoid offensive body odour and bad smell.
(e) There is close association with physical & moral cleanliness.

Admission Rules :-
N.B. Taking the application form does not automatically guarantee an admission in the college.
1) Having the percentage of marks does not automatically guarantee admission in the college. Admission is granted as per the policy laid down by the institution and the Education Department.
2) The application form has to be carefully filled in and duly signed by the Parent and the student seeking admission, attaching the latest 2 colored photographs (passport size) and the Xerox copies of the mark sheet and the leaving certificate duly attested.
3) The list Sr. No. of application of candidates selected for admission will be put up on the

Notice Board of the prescribed day.
(a) No consideration will be given to the students whose names Sr. No. appear on the selection list but fail to pay admission fees and submit the admission form in time on the very day of the selection list, along with all original as required.
(b) The selections list will be revised regularly till at the seats are filled up.

4) Students whose form nos. have appeared in the selection list will pay the admission fees after filling in the admission form and other undertakings that may be required by the Institution in the college office, along with the following documents.
(a) School Leaving Certificate (S.S.C.) Original and 2 attested photo copies.
(b) Mark Sheet (S.S.C.) Original and 2 attested photo copies.
(c) Character Certificate from the school.
(d) Two most recent Passport size color photographs of the students: (35 mm x 45 mm)

N.B.: (a) There should be no difference between the Name of the student appearing on the Leaving Certificate and on the Mark Sheet (Not even in the spelling). If that happens a certificate from the previous school stating that “both the documents i.e, name appearing in the leaving certificate and mark sheet belongs to the same person.
(b) Parent (Father / Mother) must accompany the students for Admission.
One Recent Passport Size Color Photograph of the parent who is accompanying the student it also required.
(c) Admission once granted cannot be withdrawn. Please note.
(d) An undertaking to the above effect that the student will complete XII standard from Divine Child Junior College, Andheri East.
And will not leave the Institution in between, which should be signed by both the parent and student. (Unless the student fails in standard XI or Parent are transferred out of Mumbai.)
(e) Your admission will be confirmed only after paying the full fees as notified.
The total fees for the first term including deposit, examination fees (F.Y.J.C.) and other fees if any for Junior College, will be displayed on the notice board. Fees may be collected in one or more installments.

HSC – Roll Of Honour


Year Stream Appeared Percentage Toppers
2017-2018 Science 44 97.72% Amin Harsh Laxman – 76.92%
Commerce 59 100% Fernandes Janice Gisleno – 82.76%
2016-2017 Science 57 100% Kumthekar Pranali Ajit – 82.62%
Commerce 71 97.18% Saheb Amira Mohd Haneef – 87.85%
2015-2016 Science 56 89.29% Lobo Reema Joylly – 73.84%
Commerce 82 98.78% Gupta Neha Pramod – 84.76%
2014-2015 Science 34 94.11% Nadar Robin-78.61%
Commerce 78 98.71% Ediyampotta Aiswarya-83.84%
2013-2014 Science 64 100% Nagarkoli Neha Puran-74.46%
Commerce 78 93.50% Therothmottamal Nayana -79.85%
2012-2013 Science 46 93.48 Colleen Francis-67.50%
Commerce 60 78.33 Mullaji Noorzeba-79.50%
2011-2012 Science 12 100 Stan Job -66.33%-
Commerce 15 93.33 Goes Valeta -66.67%